Personal projects


Swift Matrix Library. Brings a Python/MATLAB like programming interface to smartphones because Apple recently released Swift for iOS 8. Makes it easy to bring complicated signal processing algorithms to smartphones, the reason it was developed!


A simple static site generator very similar to jem-doc. If you want a preview, take a look at the documentation (implemented in jem-press!). This is best suited for static sites without a blog; it was designed with academic sites in mind.


A Python package that allows easy updating a figure, very similar to Matlab’s drawnow with some additional features. It allows you to drop to to a debugger or ask for a confirm every iteration.


Like the how I style certain things? Most templates I use are available on GitHub.

Software I use personally

  • Amethyst. Automatic tiling window manager for macOS à la xmonad.
  • Anaconda. A scientific Python distribution, free as in beer and free as in speech
  • Arq. Back up your computer every hour wirelessly.
  • Alfred. Like Spotlight but a lot more powerful.
  • Authy for two-factor authentication.
  • Bartender. Organize your menu bar apps!
  • Fantastical. A calendar you can’t live without.
  • 1Password. Stay secure and manage all your passwords.
  • Keyboard Maestro. Script OS X’s GUI easily.
  • Homebrew. The missing OS X package manager.
  • MailMate as my email client.
  • neovim as my editor
  • OmniGraffle. Incredibly useful for making figures to go in papers/posters/presentations!
  • OmniFocus as my todo manager
  • Spectacle. Move and resize windows with ease (I use Amethyst instead now)
  • Skim. Automatically update PDFs when compiling LaTeX!
  • Yoink. Drag and drop ease.
  • Gollum + [vimwiki] + Editorial as my information management solution